Types Of Poker Card Games To Kill Time

Poker is often referred to as the modified version of “Pochen,” a game of bluff that Germans commonly played. The modified version that’s frequently played today originated in the 1830s and has several variations. Apart from being a common way to kill time in households, poker card games are also played at popular casinos and are one of the most widely played indoor games of all time. One of the main reasons why it’s played at casinos is because of the skill that’s required to play it well. The luck factor plays a significant role, but you would be able to control your fate only if you’re skilled at the game. It consists of a deck of 52 cards with two jokers. Poker players use standard terms call, fold, suit, raise, and rank. The following are five variations of poker that are pretty fun to play.

  • Old Maid

This one’s all about matching cards; the players are supposed to match cards of the same rank and draw a card randomly from the player before them. Then, they are expected to form new pairs with the drawn card. Are you wondering about the catch? Of course, there’s one! One of the queens would be removed from the deck of cards, and the other queen would be the deciding card. You would have to try avoiding the odd card with all your skill to be the winner. If you’re left with the odd card by the game’s end, better luck next time!

Types Of Poker Card Games To Kill Time

  • Indian Poker

This is one of the most commonly played yet thrilling variations of poker. You would be allowed to see all your opponents’ cards but not your own. By the end of the game, the player with the card having the highest value would be declared the winner. This might sound easy, but it is quite the opposite. Your judgment of the cards owned by your opponents and their reactions after viewing your cards are all you’ll have for concluding. In some variations of this one, the player who can rightly guess who has the highest value card wins the game.

  • Go Fish

Poker card games might be difficult to learn in one go, but this one’s an excellent option for beginners. This is yet another matching variation that requires players to match four cards of a single rank to form a “fish” or “books.” The deciding factor is quite simple. The player with the highest number of books by the end of the game would be the winner. It is usually played amongst 2-5 players.